Practice Radical Welcoming

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This Thanksgiving, Instead of getting caught up in family drama or getting angry in the extra slow lines at the grocery store, let us remember that Thanksgiving is based on …

St. Gianna Molla

Do Not Be Afraid of Sainthood

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Happy All Saints’ Day! Today’s Feast Day encourages us to take a look back at the holy people who led lives that inspire, challenge and guide us today. As Saint …

child health day

Child Health Day

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Every year on the first Monday of October, we celebrate Child Health Day. This year, Child Health Day fell on October 1st. This is a national awareness day for parents …

Volunteer Reflection

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Options United Blog Post Brooke Paz Some experiences permeate every part of life, and that’s what my time working at Options United has done for me. When I started my …

California Campus Disaster Bill Vetoed

Thomas Rudkins News

In a rare show of common sense California representatives chose not to place abortion pill vending machines on college campuses.  The governor of the state vetoed the bill saying it …

Creating a Culture of Life

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This week, as the Church is in the midst of a painful realization of how vulnerable members of the Church were abused, I’ve been praying with Saint John Paul II’s …