12 Pro-Life Prayers for Christmas


Written by Julie Stuckenschneider

They call Christmas the season of perpetual hope. A time when spirits are high, people are more helpful and positive and there’s a spark of inspiration as we prepare to start a new year. We usually focus on gifts around this time and what we can give others. But instead of a physical gift what if we gave a spiritual one? Prayer is a powerful thing and the more people praying the more power the prayer holds. We are living in some challenging times. One where people do not value life, especially that of the unborn. I think we need to pray for those in these situations and those who are called to take a stand against them.

1. Pregnancy Centers that they continue to have the help and support they need to provide life affirming care for mothers with unborn pregnancies.

2. Abortion minded mothers that they may have a change of heart that they may have a change of heart and decide to parent or choose adoption for their children

3. Mothers and their children who chose life that they may overcome struggles they face and also become advocates for life.

4. Men impacted by abortion that they may find strength to stand up for their unborn child. And/or peace and comfort if that decision has already been made without their consent.

5. Those who pressure others into abortion that they may have a change of heart and offer support and other options instead of abortion.

6. Options United that they continue to reach women with unplanned pregnancies and help them to choose life. And that they continue to receive the support they need to do so.

7. Call responders at Options United to give them strength when dealing with difficult situations and to help them find the right words to say to help women choose life.

8. Grandparents impacted by abortion that they may find healing and peace as they mourn the loss of their grandchild.

9. Abortion workers that they may have a change of heart and instead guide women to choosing life for their unborn child.

10. Political leaders to take a stand for the unborn and help change our society to value life at all ages.

11. Churches that they take a stand against abortion and lead others to being advocates for life.

12.Women who have had abortions to help them heal and find support they need to get through this difficult time.

I believe if we all work and pray together we can create change. That is my Christmas wish this year.