What We Do

Options United uses digital marketing to reach pregnant women in crisis at the exact moment she is searching for help.

We provide calm, judgment-free guidance and an immediate referral to free medical services with the nearest life-affirming pregnancy clinic.

Our Strategy

  • It Starts With An Ad

    Well, actually, it starts with a mother. A mother in a crisis pregnancy situation typically chooses between a birth or an abortion within 24 to 48 hours. This is why reaching these women during this crucial period of time is absolutely paramount. So, where does a woman, facing a crisis pregnancy, turn for answers? Simple: The Internet. So, this is right where Options United meets her. Our digital ads are specifically focused on women seeking abortions, and Options United offers these women hope by giving them a person to talk to.

  • The Ad Becomes A Call

    When a woman reaches out to our call center she is greeted by trained responders where a dialogue takes place; a life saving dialogue. The trained responders offer counseling and help these women choose life. You might try and imagine what these calls are like, and we would appreciate your prayers for our trained responders. As their work is true human intervention; true front-line work. This part of Options United’s work is critical! We engage in more than 10,000 calls a year on average! On the call Options United offers an immediate referral for free medical services to the nearest pro-life pregnancy clinic.

  • The Call Saves A Life

    Options United is unique in that our mission is built around collaboration. Our symbiotic work with pregnancy centers is the cornerstone of Option United’s work. Options United offers free training for the pregnancy centers, and we work with them every single step of the way! Through this process, we have confirmed that this strategy has saved over 2,000 lives already!

Options United’s strategy is really simple: digital ads + counseling calls + strategic partnerships with pregnancy centers = lives saved

Our Work

Options For Pregnancy

Options United helps pregnancy centers and clinics to collaborate and work cohesively.


We have worked with over 1,700 pregnancy resource clinics!

App For Life

The App for Life is a mobile pro-life community, and offers real-time prayer requests for women in need.


Over 2 million prayers for abortion-vulnerable moms!


We are the most efficient pro-life organization around, which means lower costs and more lives saved.


Our ads have led to tens of thousands of calls from abortion-vulnerable women.


We train pregnancy centers on working with our call center, marketing, and handling abortion-vulnerable women.


We have dedicated hundreds of hours to training pregnancy centers

All thanks to your generous support, our outreach is a proven asset in the defense of the unborn.