Men and Abortion


Written by Julie Stuckenschneider

The pro-life movement needs men more than ever and not just for the reasons you would think. Now the other side of this conversation would have you believe that a man isn’t allowed to comment on such things because he isn’t the one carrying the baby. That may be true, but that baby wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for the man. As the saying goes, it takes two to tango and you need sperm to create life.

So why isn’t the man allowed to voice his opinion on what happens to his child? Not only that but why do we make men feel like they can’t say anything?

If men were to actually speak up and say how they feel, many unborn lives could be saved. For instance, Victoria Robinson, who is the founder of ReAssemble, a non-profit ministry offering after abortion trauma recovery for men and women would have made a very different decision in her past if her partner would have spoken up sooner. By the time he called to tell her they would make it work, she had already had the abortion. This same thing has happened with many other women as well. Men need to stop being scared and speak up. Women yearn for that support and feel lost and alone during this time, so if the father would speak up in the situation lives could be saved.

Secondly, many women have abortions for financial reasons. Again if the father of the child were to step up and be involved then abortion could be prevented. The  woman didn’t create this life on her own and therefore shouldn’t be expected to do it all by herself.

Finally, men grieve and experience trauma after abortions just like women do. Regardless if they pushed for the abortion or not. And, just like women, they may not feel the grief right away but it does come. In a book titled “Abortion: The Ultimate Exploitation of Women” men tell their stories of how abortion has affected them. One father wrote “Hardly a day goes by that I don’t shudder and almost weep again for the murder I helped bring about…my actions, despite
my confession and repentance before God continue to rob much of the joy from my life”.

The pro-life movement tries to save the lives of the unborn in many different ways, but one area we need to push more for is for help from men. Men should speak up and stand up for their unborn child. They need to share with their partner how they feel and help support them financially and emotionally. And men who have gone through it and now regret their decision need to speak up also. They should be an example of what not to do. Saving the unborn is not just a decision to be made by the mother but one the father needs and should be involved in as well.