Pro-life Shopping Guide


After the overturning of Roe v. Wade many major companies took a vow to support women’s rights or rather support abortion. It can be time consuming to sort through which companies support abortion and which do not so we’ve created a gift guide for you from pro-life companies (some that give a portion of profits to pro-life causes!) this Christmas season.

A’del Natural Cosmetics

When you receive their products, they are noticeably different—in a good way. Each one is handmade, right here in the US so the quality is amazing.

All of the products are toxin free and made with natural ingredients.

This company is openly pro-life and being a small business you can be assured that none of their profits are going towards funding abortion in anyway unlike major beauty brands.

Anything on their site would make great stocking stuffers or pick up a cute make up bag and stuff with some products you think someone would love.

HOPE Beauty

Hope beauty was started by Hope Harvard. She is outspoken about being pro-life. Recently, she just added mascara to the make up line with a portion of profits being donated to pro-life causes. Each piece of makeup is linked to a Biblical woman. My favorite is the Rahab lipstick, in red of course!

A great gift giving suggestion are the lip kits! It is an all in one kit for the perfect lip. Also, don’t forget to add a mascara!


The meaning behind the name COL1972 is the year before Roe v. Wade was determined. COL1972 is actually a nonprofit, donating all profits to pro-life causes.

Depending on who you are shopping for, there are lots of options for gifts. From jewelry, to a complete woman’s line, to some clothes for men and children. Unsure? A gift card is always an easy option!

Carly Jean Los Angeles and 1906 Collective

The founder, Carly started CJLA as a clothing line for women that women can invest in and easily transition from each season of life. Pieces that can be worn as maternity are easily transitioned into postpartum and regular wear.

Lots of adorable gift options for anyone since there is an added home category. There are also gifts for kids from books to games to clothing.

1906 Collective is a company alongside CJLA for menswear.

Carly has donated clothes to pregnancy resource centers as well as ran campaigns jn the past where proceeds from certain product(s) were donated to a local pregnancy center.

Cami Monet

A wide array of products to choose from art prints to cute printed coffee mugs to custom watercolor dog portraits. The pendants are something you must check out—it makes an adorable addition to a gift basket or can be used as a photo prop.

Every year she runs a campaign that is specifically pro-life (including a pro-life pendant for sale!) where profits are donated to a local pregnancy center.

GIL Collections

High quality and made in the USA, GIL Collections has clothes for maternity, postpartum, as well as activewear for women.

We love GIL Collections with its high quality pieces but also because a portion of their profits go directly to Options United!

Sign up for their email list and you’ll receive 10% off your first order. Gift ideas for a pregnant mama, postpartum or any woman could be a gift card plus a GIL Collections hat!

Little Honey Bee

A banner on the top of their website says “We are unapologetically pro-life” and it shows through their products and social media!

A small business where you can find photo-ready swaddles, stuffed animals, heirloom quality wooden toys and the cutest pajamas. It would be easy to put together a gift for an expecting mama or any small child.

Village Made

Each month Village Made chooses a nonprofit where they donate a percent of their profits. Many times it is to pro-life causes or causes related to pro-life issues (such as foster care).  Specializing in graphic tees for adults and children there is also drinkware, wall art, vinyl stickers and other small items to choose from.

Lots of good stocking stuffers as well as simple gifts for anyone with all of the drink ware choices.

Seven Weeks Coffee

On the Seven Weeks Coffee website it is stated “Our mission is to promote Godly values, provide excellent coffee, and protect every beating heart.”

And they do all three! Carefully selected coffee and you can create your own coffee bundles. A bag of coffee, a t-shirt, and a tumbler mug would make an easy gift for any coffee drinker. Or keep it easy with a gift card.

Seven Weeks Coffee gives a portion of their profit to pregnancy centers.

Elevate Beauty

Elevate Beauty was started by social media influencer Amanda Ensing after she was cancelled by Sephora for sharing her Christian values.

Ensing is openly pro-life so you can be assured that your money is not going towards funding abortions when purchasing any of her products.

Liquid lipstick is a great gift for any girl in your life, each comes with a biblical message and there are lots of shades to choose from!

Options United

You can make a donation in someone’s name or give the gift of life through a donation in your own name!