Prayer moves mountains


Written by Julie Stuckenschneider

In this day and age the fight to save the unborn can be an exhausting, challenging and discouraging one. You know what is right and what you believe but society, social media, Hollywood and everything in between keeps telling you differently.

You want to stand up and do something, make a difference in this crazy world that has fallen so far from truth and grace, but where do you even begin?


Something that seems so small and simple can change someone’s life. Women out there who are struggling with an unplanned pregnancy and have no one to turn to, let alone pray for them, need your help.

Appforlife is an app that allows you to pray for women seeking abortions in real time. The names have been changed, but these women are in active contact with Options United and are seeking help. The app allows you to start a prayer chain of sorts by allowing others to see these women on your prayer list and encourages them to pray also. The more people praying the more powerful the prayer.

These women are seeking help not knowing what they may exactly need but the simplest prayer to change their heart or give them a sign can mean life or death for that unborn child. It is a simple act that doesn’t require much effort. So if you want to help create change and become part of the fight for life, start by praying!

Dear Heavenly Father,

Take these mothers in your loving arms and open their eyes so that they may realize they are not alone and abortion is not the answer. Help them navigate through motherhood and raise their children according to your will.