Tiffany’s Story

Jaclyn HakeSaves

When Tiffany* arrived at her appointment to the pregnancy resource center she only had one solution in mind for her pregnancy: abortion. She was certain that she would have minimal support for this child and didn’t want to take away more time and love from her daughter. She wanted to get a referral for an abortion and didn’t have much interest in continuing with her pregnancy.

Yet when she was at her appointment she stopped feeling like a burden to others. The women who spoke with her were kind and caring. They listened genuinely about her concerns with her current pregnancy.

Who is going to want to help me? This pregnancy is my fault.

I feel like I’m already struggling. How will I take care of another child?

My daughter is not going to get enough love or attention with another baby.

Tiffany* was given solutions by the women at the center and a change in perspective.

She realized that if people she had just met were willing to listen to her and give her support than surely her family would also be supportive of her second pregnancy.

Another child in the family would be more work but it will also fill her home with so much more love and joy. Motherhood is a privilege and a beautiful journey. She already knew this from watching her daughter grow. To deny herself another blessing would be a devastating mistake.

Her concern of her daughter’s well-being is a signal of her being a great mom already. Yes, a new baby will require her attention but again, denying her daughter the privilege of being a big sister is truly devastating. Many mothers when they become pregnant with their second child cannot imagine loving another child because they give so much love to their first. Yet, when their second child arrives they realize that their love isn’t limited. It’s as if their heart grows even bigger.

Raising children is not easy but it is so worth it. Parenting is something to celebrate. Children are a gift and each life is remarkable. During our follow up call Tiffany* expressed this to us. She was grateful of the support she received from us and the center. She didn’t feel pressured to make a decision but rather her eyes were opened. She was not only confident in her decision to continue her pregnancy but was also feeling blessed that she was having another baby girl!