Happy National Adoption Day!


“We look at adoption as a very sacred exchange. It was not done lightly on either side.”

-Jamie Lee Curtis, Actress and Adoptive Mother of 2

This National Adoption Day, I was inspired to look into some facts to better understand adoption. Three statistics stuck out to me the most:

1. Only 2% of women facing an unplanned pregnancy choose adoption instead of abortion or parenting.
2. Approximately 90% of adoptive couples say their relationship with their adopted child is “very close.”
3. Over 90% of adopted children ages 5+ have positive feelings about their adoption.

In light of these statistics, there seems to be a huge discrepancy in the way adoption can be perceived versus the actual results of adoption. Although the vast majority of parents and children involved in the adoption process have a positive, happy family situation, very few people actually choose adoption for their baby, particularly with an unwanted or unplanned pregnancy.

In fact, there are 36 couples ready and waiting to adopt for every one baby placed for adoption.

There are many reasons behind the choices a pregnant woman makes. Perhaps one of the main reasons 40% of women facing an unplanned pregnancy choose abortion over adoption is misinformation.

Many women languish over the idea that they have a child somewhere in the world, never knowing what happened to them. Others feel they have too much or too little involvement in the process.

The reality is, adoption comes with a variety of CHOICES.

A birth mother may choose an open or closed adoption, even selecting the child’s adoptive family if desired. Some birth mothers may be able to arrange financial and material assistance during their pregnancy. Additionally, many pregnancy resource centers, clinics, and maternity homes can provide support and resources through the pregnancy and after.

If you’re interested in adoption – either as a birth parent or adoptive parent – there is help, support, and obligation-free information. It’s merely a call away.