Social Media Ambassador

The App for Life and Social Media Ambassador role is volunteer position with Options United.

The focus of the ambassador role is to draw more attention and following to help Options United's social media accounts. You can choose also to assist us in gaining more prayer warriors on the App for Life.

With more exposure, Options United will be able to reach more people resulting in lives saved!

Duties & Responsibilities

  • Follow 2 or more of the Options United social media accounts.
  • Re-post, share, echo, retweet, or like posts and stories at least once a week.

Optional: create original content (stories, reels, posts) on your own social media with relevant Options United or pro-life content while tagging Options United.


  • Only positive and loving speech/graphics can be used. No hateful, combative, or explicit content allowed. This is to ensure that Op ions United is associated as a positive force in the pro-life community and not one that attacks or berates those who are no pro-life.
  • Keep both original posts and re-posts simple, clean, and uplifting.

    Failure to abide by these guidelines will result in being let go from the ambassador program.

Thank you so much for your interest in the Social Media Ambassador program. While we are considering you for this volunteer position please complete the following:

    • Read the responsibilities and guidelines.
    • Email at least two of your social media handles for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or Parler
    • Like and follow at least two of our social media accounts:


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