Other Ways to Donate

Corporate Match

You can double your giving – or more, with corporate matching:

  1. Employee (you) makes initial donation to Options United.
  2. Employee submits matching gift request to employer.
  3. Employer confirms eligibility of donor, donation, and the 50c3 nonprofit Options United.
  4. Options United receives the match check!
  5. Options United has received donations from matching programs that corporations use, for example, Benevity & YourCause. Check with your company.

More programs are listed here that  corporations use. NOTE: 65% of large companies in the U.S. match employee donations. Matching gifts can mean more money for your nonprofit without having to ask your supporters for more donations.

Gifting Stocks

If you own stock or a mutual fund that has appreciated in price since you purchased it, consider using that asset for your charitable giving. You get an income tax deduction for the full market value of donated securities that you have owned more than one year and you will avoid the capital gains tax on the appreciated value.

You can use stock to support the organization through:

Electronic transfer – Your broker can transfer shares using Options United’s Depository Trust Company (DTC) number and account number to ensure delivery.

Mail – You can mail paper certificates to us.

Electronic Delivery of mutual fund shares is the most secure and practical delivery process available. If you would like to donate a gift of mutual funds to Options United, please contact us to confirm how to send.

Donor Advised Fund
  1. For steps to set up your fund and donate to Options United go to our Pro-life Impact Foundation (click). This is Options United’s foundation. All proceeds go to the mission of Options United.