One Number One Solution

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One Number One Solution – ONOS

“You can strengthen our network. Donate to save lives today!

We envision a brighter future for women, children and families in California. A future where women are respected, children are protected, and families flourish.

Now more than ever, women and families in CA, or coming to CA, need to easily access life-affirming community-based resources. 170+ pregnancy centers and clinics accompany women and families facing unintended pregnancies with resources and referrals to help them thrive now and for years to come.

The Catholic bishops of CA have pledged to unite our state’s life-affirming pregnancy shelters, centers, and clinics, creating an accessible statewide network to accompany women facing challenging pregnancies and in the early years of parenthood.

One Number-One Solution (ONOS) provides a simple pathway to connect the abundant safety net resources in CA supported people of faith and goodwill throughout the state to those who need them most.

Be part of the Solution for life. Give today to Options United.

The state of California is positioning to become a sanctuary for abortion.

These policies focus on terminating life rather than nurturing it.

One Number One Solution (ONOS) supports women, nurtures life.

 Large-scale social change requires broad coordination and collaboration. 

Join us!