Turning Point – Teleconference and Web Simulcast

Turning Point - Teleconference and Web SimulcastAny City, Nationwide –

You are invited to attend a teleconference and web simulcast event For Life – Now, we have Rhode Island, Illinois (who also want you to PAY for it), Vermont, and more considering it?  What is this madness?! It begs the questions: How many states are going to do this?  What can we do to STOP this? To answer your questions, TOMORROW NIGHT, we are hosting an emergency, one-hour webcast event, “TURNING POINT,” with special guests…
    Abby Johnson, Former Planned Parenthood Director
    Martin Cannon, Esq., Senior Counsel, Thomas More Society
    Christina Faucett, Esq., Program Administrator, Sidewalk Advocates for Life
    another surprise guest

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The event is finished.

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