A Childbirth Class at A Caring Pregnancy Center

A Childbirth Class at A Caring Pregnancy CenterPueblo, Colorado –

The Childbirth Class at A Caring Pregnancy Center prepares the expectant mother and her labor partner for their birth process. Classes are taught by a labor and delivery nurse from one of our local hospitals allowing participants to ask questions of a professional in the field. Childbirth Classes are offered monthly/bi-monthly depending on the needs of our clients. Plan to attend your Childbirth Class in the third trimester of your pregnancy. All services at ACPC are confidential and free of charge. Register by calling 719.544.9312. `Topics of Discussion include `Pre-delivery – What to do as you near your due date. `What to bring to the hopsital `Induction vs. “Natural” labor `How to know if you are in labor `What happens at the hospital when you arrive including registration, labs, cervical checks, and monitoring. `Pain management `Laboring positions, pushing, and delivery `Recovery phase `Cesarian surgeries and much more….

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Dec 04 2018


8:00 am - 6:00 pm
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