Adoptions United

Only 1% of women in unplanned pregnancies choose adoption.

More than 1 million unplanned pregnancies end in abortion.

And yet, more than one million couples are actively seeking to adopt.

Options United is working to change this.

Adoption should be seen as a positive choice for all during a difficult time. 
Public misperceptions around adoption conjure up fear, but research shows us that once fears are resolved birth moms choose adoption. Why?
  • Adoption provides the child with love, happiness, and family

  • Adoption can redeem a painful past and make a difficult situation positive

  • Adoption resolves feelings of judgment from family and the community

  • Adoption can connect the birth mother to the belief that God is at work

  • The birth mother can choose birth parents for her child, which cultivates a positive attitude towards adoptive parents

The Adoptions United Program

Adoptions United is a unique service that unites and builds families. Using our proven referral network, trained call center staff and expert digital marketing, we make it easier and more affordable for birth parents, adoptive parents, and adoption providers to find each other. We provide a safe, positive, easy-to-use hub for everyone involved.

For The Birth Mother

A network of pregnancy centers, maternity homes, churches, support groups, counseling groups, and resources to counter misconceptions, ease fears, and provide a positive view of adoption.

For Adoptive Parents

A trusted network of adoption providers and lower adoption costs, such as attorneys, foster agencies, and adoption agencies. To begin, enter you donation information below with the name of your adoption provider.

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For Adoption Providers

A collaborative partnership to reach and educate potential clients leading to a large-scale increase in the rate of adoptions and number of lives saved!  To benefit from collaborative marketing and phone service set up monthly payment below or call for more information about the program.

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Make Adoption The Easier Choice!

Your support makes adoption the rewarding and healthy choice for abortion-vulnerable women. Help remove barriers that make adoption too costly.

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The Adoptions United program will make the adoption process more accessible, affordable, and appealing for all involved. 

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