Fully Pro-Life

Jaclyn HakeBlog

When talking pro-life issues among a group of women, there are generally two categories on the abortion debate: pro-life and pro-choice. There is also a neutral party: personally pro-life. If someone states she is personally pro-life, she is inferring that personally she would not have an abortion, but it is not her place to stop someone else from having one.

First, let’s define pro-life. Pro-life is valuing life at all stages of development. From the moment of conception until death. Being personally pro-life does not fit this definition. Therefore, if one is personally pro-life, they are not pro-life. They are pro-choice.

But why should someone else’s life choices need to be of concern to us? Again, it is valuing all life. All life includes the life of the mother as well.

This is the heart of the mission at Options United, to connect women facing unplanned pregnancies to resources equipping them to choose life for their children. When she calls into the Options United helpline we listen to her fears and concerns. Then, according to what she needs and where she lives, she is connected to the appropriate life-affirming resources. Our mission is possible through your donations. If you are able, please consider donating by clicking here.

Being pro-life is more than the issues of abortion, it is coming alongside women and leading them with encouragement and resources to choosing life for their children. Respecting life starts at conception and lasts throughout one’s whole life. Please join us in protecting the life of the preborn and giving hope to women who are facing unplanned and crisis pregnancies. Make a one-time gift by clicking here or become a regular giver by following this link.