Camryn’s Story

Jaclyn HakeSaves

One ultrasound can give a mother a glimpse into her future and a shimmer of hope in the love she feels for her child. Why is it that so many pro-life organizations suggest an ultrasound to confirm a pregnancy? Because it often results in the mother choosing to continue her pregnancy and choosing life for her child.

Camryn’s* call to Options United was prompted by a positive pregnancy test at home. Although she felt differently, the reality that she was a mother of a rapidly growing baby had not set in. This was not fully confirmed until that first ultrasound which was set up by one of our call responders at a local pregnancy resource center.

Camryn* was not far enough along to see her baby moving and interacting with their environment as many mothers will see during the typical 20-week scan. However, she did see her tiny baby moving and even kicking its budding limbs. For her, this was the start of her journey into motherhood. She immediately knew she wanted to continue her pregnancy and could not wait until her next ultrasound to get another glimpse at her baby, as well as finding out if she would be having a girl or boy.

Babies in the womb grow rapidly so even during early pregnancy, mothers are often surprised to see how much their babies move and even kick. This opens the discussion about prenatal development and how a baby grows during each trimester. Life begins at conception and each trimester a baby holds value.