Pro-Life Leaders


Written by: Julie Stuckenschneider

The pro-life movement began to pick up after Roe v. Wade. In 2023, we are now a year after the overturning of Roe v. Wade. Appearing as a huge win in our movement, we still have plenty of work to do especially in states regarding themselves as abortion sanctuaries. Options United is based in California which is known for protecting a “right to abortion” and promoting abortion favoring legislation. The leaders in the pro-life movement are where we look for encouragement.

Lila Rose

At the young age of just 15 years old Lila Rose founded the anti abortion group Live Action. Live Action is a human rights nonprofit with the largest digital footprint for the global pro life movement. Rose has conducted multiple undercover, investigative work exposing the questionable and dangerous practices of the abortion industry. She also speaks internationally on family and cultural issues.

Abby Johnson

Once a clinic director of Planned Parenthood, Abby walked away from the company after assisting with an ultrasound guided abortion. What she saw horrified her and opened her eyes to what abortion really is. She underwent a dramatic transformation and she now travels across the globe sharing her story, educating the public on pro life issues, advocating for the unborn and reaching out to abortion clinic staff who still work in the industry. Abby is also the founder of And Then There Were None, a ministry created to help abortion clinic workers in transitioning out of the industry.

40 Days for Life 

An internationally coordinated 40 day campaign that aims to end abortion that was started by 4 individuals in 1998 from Bryan/College Station Texas as a result of a Planned Parenthood being opened. These 4 prayed over what to do and during that hour of prayer they felt called to start a 40 day campaign of prayer, fasting, community outreach and a constant, peaceful vigil to end abortion. Within a year communities across the United States launched their own campaigns. Hundreds of cities in multiple countries across the world have now hosted 40 Days for Life Campaigns.

Culture of Life 1972

Commonly called COL1972 is a Philadelphia based online boutique that gives back to life affirming organizations. The COL1972 Foundation 501c/3 is the charitable arm of the company which donates 100% of profits to the foundation. The fund allows the company to hold free fashion shows and events for life across the country. The company directly donates a portion of profits to Life Turning Point, Philadelphia home for women and children as well as life-affirming causes.

Seven Weeks Coffee

Started to reverse the trend of putting profits before people and to live out Billy Graham’s calling of believers making a difference in the marketplace. Seven Weeks is a coffee company that donates 10% of every sale to pregnancy centers nationwide.

Thomas Rudkins

Raised in a large family in rural Oklahoma. Thomas worked for a variety of nonprofits until in 2009 he launched Options United, a digital pro-life organization focused on uniting pregnancy centers through a call center and smart marketing strategies. Options United aids women in crisis situations to find the help they need, including helping those in an unplanned pregnancy choose life and connect them with a local pregnancy center.

Options United’s focus is to unite pro-life efforts through organizations and primarily pregnancy resource centers so that each abortion vulnerable mother is able to take a pause before rushing into the permanent decision of abortion. It is the hope of Options United and all pro-life organization that all mothers see the beauty that lies within motherhood and recognize the impact they have on the future generation.

All of these individuals or organizations have helped and continue to help in the battle for the unborn and so can you. Start by simply saying a prayer for those women who need guidance and for those women who have already made a life alternating decision. Our acts don’t have to be internet worthy to help create change. Even the smallest act can have a large ripple effect.

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