If you build it they will *probably not* come

Jaclyn HakeBlog

A quotable movie line from the Field of Dreams, “If you build it, he will come.” A timeless, now classic movie that offers great entertainment but please don’t apply the build it and wait advice for a business or any organization. A strategic plan must be implemented for customers or clients to use your services or to realize they even exist.

In the pro-life movement the key characteristic of those involved is compassion for others. Whatever the reason someone declares they are pro-life there’s always the commonality of wanting to help others–giving mothers a pathway to parenting or the adoption of their child into a loving home. The gifts those in the pro-life movement possess vary from listening skills to resourcefulness, amazing speakers and motivators, and those willing to apply their medical knowledge. What is
often lacking whether due to ability, time, or financial reasons is unifying those within pro-life movement. Unifying is done through strategic marketing not just building something great and waiting.

A primary focus of unification at Options United is through pregnancy resource centers. Options United was established in 2009, and since then there’s been a few hiccups but the lessons learned and applied have become valuable in strengthening the organization. The result is an efficient yet flexible system which results in reaching more women and leading them on the pathway to parenting or adoption.

For pregnancy resource centers to gain exposure Options United starts with a call center equipped with a crisis trained staff that links the centers to the women who need them. What seems like a simple helpline call or chat has much more behind the scenes. It is the work of Options United and the strategic marketing plan that leads her to it. The rapport built with pregnancy centers over the years has opened up doors to more support and opportunities. Through the Pro-Life Impact Foundation (PLIF), Options United is able to provide grants for pregnancy centers furthering their impact on the women they serve.

A secondary focus of unification at Options United is with other organizations who wish to become involved in the pro-life movement. Connecting organizations to an efficient and proven method founded by OU starts an immediate counter impact to the continuous and devastating abortion industry. Organizations that are looking to make a difference right now can quickly partner with Options United. Learn about ONE.

Lastly, to tie everything together making the work of Options United possible is donations from our supporters. We’d like to invite you to partner with us in leading mothers on the pathway to life. optionsunited.com/donate