Foster Care


Written by Julie Stuckenschneider

As a pro life individual you’ll face difficult conversations from those who think differently about the value of life. But one of the most misunderstood accusations a pro lifer gets is the fact that we don’t care about the unborn once they’re born and we get comments such as “are you going to adopt all the babies who end up in foster care if abortion is illegal?”. The purpose of the foster care system is to eventually reunite the child with their birth parent(s), not adoption. Children get placed in foster care for multiple reasons but never because their mother didn’t want them or love them, they may just not be able to care for their child(ren) like they should at that time. So the parents are given the chance to get their lives back in order so they can be reunited with their children.

Organizations like the pregnancy centers that Options United partner with help these mothers by assessing the situation they are in and provide them with solutions and give them knowledge and tools on how to raise their child or children working with them if the mother still feels unable to provide for her child, the pregnancy centers educate them on adoption.

The biological parents of a foster child love their child, however many times they’ve experienced trauma in their own lives and they don’t know how to care for their child. This in turn leads to trauma for the child and the vicious cycle continues.

For a pro-lifer the mother choosing life is just the first step. We must continue to be there for the mother and pray over her to help her get through whatever she may be dealing with so in the end she can be reunited with her child. There are many instances where children are unable to return home to their parents and stay in the foster system until they age out which is another problem on its own and can result in more trauma for that child. That’s why we must show love and compassion for the biological parents. These individuals love their children, you know that because they choose life over abortion. So to be pro-life we must be also pro-biological parents. It means we befriend them, pray over them and be there for them just as much as we should for the child in foster care.

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