Choosing Kindness

Jaclyn HakeBlog

There is never a reason to have an abortion. If you have any doubt then I encourage you to watch these short videos from Live Action explaining why abortion is never the answer—you can watch them here. I can stand up for pro-life values easily because I know I am on the right side of this issue. When others disagree with me it’s easy to become judgmental. However, judgment fuels bitterness and what follows bitterness is hardly ever positive.

Rather, choose kindness. You can still hold onto the truth while being kind. A French essayist, Joseph Joubert described kindness as “A part of kindness consists in loving people more than they deserve”. Does the pro-choice activist on Facebook yelling profanities at you because you posted something contradicting to her stance deserve your respect? No, probably not but kindness doesn’t judge and kindness is treating people better than what they deserve. You can state facts respectively without be rude or condescending.

It may also be easy to judge the mother seeking an abortion because you’d never do anything like that, therefore you must clearly be more righteous than her. Again, judgement fuels bitterness which may turn her away from choosing life and to the abortion clinic instead. So rather choose kindness. We don’t need to analyze why she’s seeking an abortion but instead extend a hand and show her support.

An example of choosing kindness can be found in the contrast between Nabel and Abigail when dealing with David in 1 Samuel 25. Nabel insults David fueling rage against him. David in turn seeks to kill innocent men and only through Abigail’s kindness is David’s mind changed. What is most significant in this story is that Abigail showed kindness with food and some wine—it was a small act of kindness that saved many lives.

The mission at Options United is to give support to abortion-minded women in whatever scenario they may be in so that they may stop and think before choosing to end their child’s life. It is also our goal that they go to a clinic or resource center that we partner with to receive care. There they will also receive kind and loving support without judgment which is a far different experience they would receive at an abortion clinic, read about the difference of care here.

Our hope and our prayers are that kindness in the pro-life movement will outshine the abortion industry and it will make abortion unthinkable.