7 ways to join the pro-life movement

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Celebrate Life 

One of the most notable moments in my first pregnancy was a surprise baby shower. My pregnancy was unplanned and although I never considered abortion it was a stressful time. Seeing the outpouring of love for my baby was moving. In follow up calls with mothers, they often cite kindness they experienced at the pregnancy centers they were connected with as an experience that put them at ease as they felt the love for their baby from others.

You can get involved by putting together a gift bag for a mother at your local pregnancy center. You can also call the center to see what donations they are in greatest need. Often times, they need help sorting through donations or perhaps letting them know some of your skills you could help in a unique way.


Matthew 18:20 says “For where two or three are gathered in my name, there am I among them.” Prayer is powerful and when we pray together it becomes more impactful. This is the reasoning behind our AppforLife. When we receive a call from a mother who is considering an abortion we put her on our prayer list. When you download the app, you’re able to pray for each of these mothers alongside others.

You can get involved by downloading the AppforLife and regularly praying for those considering abortion. Whether you decide to download the app or not, I do encourage you to add mothers considering abortion to your prayer chain, prayer group, or church’s prayer requests.

Raise your children to be pro-life 

Teaching your children to value life doesn’t necessarily mean talking to them about abortion. For preschoolers and older, talk about their own personal journeys. Mothers, tell your children about the day you found out you were pregnant. How they were so loved already even when you didn’t know what they looked like. You can talk about some of your funny cravings or the way they kicked a lot whenever you listened to a certain type of music.

Fathers, you can tell your child stories about how you used to talk to them while they were in their mom’s belly and the first time you saw them on the ultrasound. It doesn’t need to be complicated and every child loves to hear stories about themselves.

Once they are mature enough, which is up to a parent to decide, abortion can be explained. I plan to encourage my own children to help through volunteer work whether that be through church or a local pregnancy center.


Know your candidates and where they stand on the issue of abortion. Remember these politicians work for us and should reflect or views and values. Once elected, put pressure on candidates through email or calling asking why they are supporting a certain pro-choice bill or not pushing pro-life legislation.

Also, be weary of legislation that is presented in regards to abortion restriction or abortion expansion. Do your research before voting and once that is done make sure you vote!

Pro-life bills documented by Charlotte Lozier Institute, separated by state.

Voter Voice an extension of Life Site News explaining current pro-life/pro-choice state and federal legislation.

Shop Pro-Life

Knowing the companies that support Planned Parenthood and other abortion related organizations can be an exhausting list with possible incorrect information. The easiest way to check is if you are making a big purchase or regularly shop somewhere and want to ensure their values align with yours, you can simply contact them and ask where they stand on the issue. If they are neutral that is fine by my standards. I do my best not to support companies that donate to Planned Parenthood.

Support companies that directly support pro-life values. A favorite company of mine is COL1972. It’s a clothing boutique and they donate 100% of their profits to pro-life causes.

You can read about their story here and shop their store!


You may not know where to start when it comes to joining the pro-life movement. Donating to an organization that already has networks set in place to efficiently help mothers and save preborn lives is the most simple way to make an impact.

At Options United, we partner with pregnancy resource centers and clinics all over to link mothers to loving care. We’re also able to meet you where you are whether that may be a small donation or large, a cash donation or something else.

Your donations plays an indispensablerole in allowing us to continue this work. Because of you, we are able to press on in our mission of helping mothers choose life. Please consider financially partnering with us today to help further this vital work in the pro-life movement.

If you’re interested in leaving a donation with the Pro-Life Impact Foundation (PLIF) there are a variety of methods to fit your unique giving style. Please click here to read about PLIF and the various ways to give.

Or click here to donate directly to Options United

Talk about it 

Abortion makes people uncomfortable which is why pro-choice advocates are constantly trying to normalize abortion through campaigns like Shout Your Abortion!. Speaking about pro-life values doesn’t necessarily mean sharing graphic photos of children dismembered by abortion. Sure, that is impactful—it’s honestly one of the reasons I became more involved in pro-life causes. However, following a loving approach and calmly siting facts regarding abortion and its devastating effects is also impactful. Abort73 is a great website on learning how to discuss abortion with other adults in a factual manner.


Anyone can help

However you choose to help whether it be through one or all ways, or perhaps a way not listed here it will change lives.