A precious kiss

Jaclyn HakeSaves

This mother chose life for her baby and this month she’ll be celebrating Mother’s Day with him in her arms. Every save testimony is heartwarming but these photos of this mama loving on her baby boy were especially sweet.

Each month I read through save testimonies so that I may write a save story. Sometimes photos are included and sometimes they are not. This save testimony only included photos. Prior to choosing a save testimony I read the new report on the children that were obtained from the DC abortion clinic, all of them victims and some may have been victims of an illegal abortion.You can read more about this story here (the article linked does not contain any graphic photos).

Justice for the five has been trending as the photos that were circulating included five of the victims. When I was reading the story, I viewed some of the photos. It washeart shattering to see such beautiful little people left to be discarded. It absolutely crushed me. One of the photos was of a little boy who appeared to be full term. He looked so perfect and reminded me so much of my own children. I was deeply saddened to think this precious boy never knew any love. He was unwanted. If only his mother would have reached out and sought help instead of walking him into a place where his life would be stolen.

These children, who were victims of abortion and all the children who are killed everyday must not be forgotten. They all deserved to be wanted and to be loved.

So, when I was searching for a story to write these pictures shown a light on why the work of Options United is incredibly beautiful. Whatever you do on this Mother’s Day please think of this mama and her precious baby boy. Keep them in your prayers that they continue to build a beautiful life together.