Nicole’s Story

Jaclyn HakeBlog, Saves

Nicole* was unsure of her ability to be a parent when she found out she was pregnant. Isn’t that so relatable? I honestly do not know any parent that doesn’t have doubts about their parenting skills. Self-proclaimed relatable moms on social media are usually not so relatable. We view their lives through a lens usually only showing the positive or a brief moment of a struggle. It’s easy to get wrapped up in comparison of others but when you’re pregnant and experiencing a rush of hormonal changes it elevates it to another level. Understandably, Nicole* was emotionally distraught with all of the changes she was experiencing. With her mindset not in a positive place, she was skeptical of the help she would receive from Options United.

Nevertheless, she called and decided to have an open mind.

What stood out to her throughout her experience with OU was she never felt as if anyone judged her for being uncertain. She also described her experience with the pregnancy center as great and everyone helped her through her emotions. She left feeling confident that she made the right decision.

Her uncertainty turned to strong feelings of anticipation—nothing like she felt before. She couldn’t wait to meet her little guy! It was after reaching out to OU, she was able to enjoy her pregnancy. Every woman deserves to have a pleasant pregnancy experience. We are so glad she called us early so that she was able to spend less time struggling with doubts and more time thinking about the arrival of her little one.