Desie’s Story

Jaclyn HakeBlog, Saves

“Your baby will have problems” is the answer Desie* received when asking her doctor what would happen if she tried an abortion pill reversal.

After Desie took the first pill starting the process of the abortion of her baby, a maternal instinct kicked in and she wanted to save her child. The doctor who prescribed the pills to her was not helpful. His discouragement caused her to seek help elsewhere.

She is glad she sought help elsewhere, leading her to Options United and to the call responder who she stated she was so thankful for, calling her out by her first name.

When Desie* felt like she had no support that was resolved after calling the OU hotline. With the call responder checking in on her, per her request, she felt cared for and loved. The doctor that she was connected with did not discourage her decision to keep her baby but empowered her to be a mother.

Desie* is happily awaiting the arrival of her baby and is grateful for the support she received for Options United and the care from the doctor we connected her with to reverse her abortion pill.