Is Abortion Ever the Right Answer?


Written by Julie Stuckenschneider 

When discussing abortion, it’s usually medical complications that come up as a defense to get an abortion. Whether it be the child who may have disabilities or that it may harm the mother to continue with the pregnancy. Pro-choicers often deem these acceptable terms for abortion.

Every life deserves a chance, regardless if they may be disabled or not. Yes, having a child with a disability may have its challenges but it is a selfish act to have an abortion just because the parent may carry these fears.

A person with a disability may face barriers or challenges throughout life but that does not mean they cannot live life to the fullest.

Medical science has proven for half a century that an abortion is never medically necessary to preserve the life of the mother. Only 1-3% of abortions are performed for medical reasons whereas 96.5% are performed for social or economic reasons.  Abortions performed to save the life or health of the mother are so rare they do not register statistically. Now there are extremely rare cases where continuing with pregnancy can cause immediate danger to the baby, such as ectopic pregnancy. In these cases the baby should be removed I’m a way that every effort was made to preserve its life outside the womb therefore treating mom and the baby’s life with equal value. The physicians have done everything they could to save the life of mom and baby and baby was not deliberately killed.

The takeaway is abortion is never the right answer.