Lexi’s Story

Jaclyn HakeSaves

“ I went to Planned Parenthood, I didn’t really know what I was going to do but I did know I didn’t want to be a mother. At the end of my appointment, I was given a brown paper bag with my medication. Take one pill now and then within 48 hours take the second one to complete the abortion.

So, I took the first one. Once I took it I immediately regretted what I had done. I first thought, what’s done is done so I went home with the terrible feeling of guilt. What had I done? I knew I was suppose to take the other pill sometime later but I couldn’t imagine doing it. What’s going to happen to my baby? I was so desperate so again, I reached out to Planned Parenthood for options.

When I returned, the girl at the clinic told me about abortion pill reversal. As long as I hadn’t taken the other pill it was something that could possibly work. I was connected to a different clinic that could help. I started it right away. It was successful! My baby would be okay!”

It’s just as much shocking as it is wonderful that Planned Parenthood informed Lexi* of the reversal process. Planned Parenthood is often painted as the evil abortion provider in which we are at odds with in the pro-life community. In which we often are at odds with them. However, behind those doors are people who are capable of compassion and changing their mind on abortion. Although, the Planned Parenthood employee may not have changed her stance on abortion she did offer guidance to Lexi in order for her to save her baby.

Our AppforLife is a prayer list for women who call into our helpline that are considering abortion. Let’s continue to pray for these women, their children, but also for workers in the abortion industry for situations such as Lexi’s*.

If you are able please consider a donation. And as always prayers are a powerful way where God creates opportunities to change someone’s story.