Baby Liam

Jaclyn HakeSaves

A new campaign launched by Live Action states that it is estimated 2,363 children are killed in abortion every day in the United States.


over 850,000 children every year
around 98 children every hour and
at least 1 child every minute

Baby Liam* was born after his mother called the Options United helpline. His one minute in which the abortionist would have considered a successful job done did not happen.

His life was spared.

It’s remarkable that all it took was one call for Baby Liam’s fate to be changed. It is also saddening to think that what if others could have been spared if only their mothers talked to someone about how there were other options besides abortion.

This is why Options United was founded. To serve as the moment when mothers stop to consider other options. It started in California, where abortion is prevalent. With thousands of lives saved, the Options United model is working. That is why OU has expanded into other states and countries. We’ve also launched the Pro-Life Impact Foundation (PLIF) which allows this model to be applied easily in other areas through franchising and provides grants to pregnancy resource centers and clinics further strengthening our partnerships with them.

2021 is coming to an end and if you’re able please help us with our mission is to put a pause in a woman’s thinking, help her choose life so that more babies like Liam* have the chance to live by donating directly to Options United or to PLIF.