Is God pro-life or pro-choice


Written by Julie Stuckenschneider 

In a recent podcast I listened to the topic of whether God was pro-life or pro-choice was brought up. The question was centered around the fact that He sacrificed His son on a cross so therefore it would make him pro-choice. It is clear when reading scripture that God values life at every stage, as He is the creator of it, so He would therefore be Pro Life.

However, another article I read on the topic got me thinking. It stated that God is Pro Choice but He wants you to choose life. God has graced us with free will from the death of His son Jesus, but with that being said if you truly believe Christ died for you then you will want to act in a way that is pleasing to Him. Yes you have a choice but choices also have consequences. Also Jesus had a choice on the cross. He could have easily called out and been saved but He went through all of that to save us because He loves us. It isn’t as if God forced His son to die, but gave Him a choice.

That can be confusing as a pro-lifer, that God could be considered pro-choice in a sense but wants you to choose life. God wants us to live in His image and respect/value all things He does including life at all stages. We are not the creators of life, nor do we get to decide when someone should come into or leave this world, that is all up to God.

John 1:3 states “All things were made through him, and without him was not any thing made that was made”.

So nothing would be here if it weren’t for God, that is including us. We are to value life at every stage, unborn and born because God valued us enough to create us.