Alicia’s Story

Jaclyn HakeSaves

Hope. It is one of the feelings that women considering abortion feel without. Feelings of hopelessness are isolating and abortion promises a way out of the hopelessness. It seems like a viable solution at the time and a quick fix. Yet, the consequences of abortion are overlooked by abortion providers during the brief discussion before the procedure.

The immediate consequence of an abortion is the death of an innocent child. An abortion wouldn’t be considered successful if the baby had not died. Then later on, the consequences on the mother occur. Sometimes this is not immediate, sometimes it takes years for the mother to feel the guilt of an abortion.

“The act of abortion does not make you any less of a mother. Abortion makes you the mother of a dead baby, and the pain doesn’t go away.” – Live Action

There’s also the possibility of health complications from an abortion—successful or unsuccessful abortions.

When Alicia* called Options United she was hopeless. Feelings of isolation and desperation led her to believe that abortion was the solution to her unplanned pregnancy. With a simple conversation, Alicia’s* “eyes were opened”. Not only was she given hope but she was connected to resources that helped her throughout her pregnancy and in motherhood.

Her hopelessness changed to gratitude and she was elated in her newfound dreams of being a mother. This is why Options United was founded—not to only save innocent babies from the death of abortion but to save their mothers too. We bridge the gap between pregnancy resource centers and mothers seeking help.