Layla’s Story

Jaclyn HakeSaves

Being pro-life is more than just wanting to end abortion. The pro- life movement wants to ensure every child has a chance at life and that doesn’t stop once a child is born. We hope each mother that chooses life for their baby has a life-altering moment and continues to love and care for her child. This is why we partner with pregnancy resource centers who hold these same values.

Layla* was inspired to choose life for her precious son after she received care at a pregnancy resource center near her.

“I am so grateful on grateful with everyone’s support and understanding. This place helped me decide to keep my baby.”

But what Layla* found most surprising was how she was treated after her son was born. The pregnancy resource center was still there for her offering support if she needed it.

“And even now I’m still receiving support from them and feel blessed to have them. Thank you so much and God Bless!”

What started out as a scary situation with Layla* being unsure of her future turned into her being incredibly grateful to be the mother of sweet baby boy.