Men are vital to the pro-life movement


Written by Julie Stuckenschneider

When thinking about the pro-life movement, how many think that it’s great a man is against abortion but still doesn’t quite deserve an opinion about it? After all, the mother of a child is the one who fosters a growing, developing child in her womb. A father is physically incapable of contributing to the growing of a child in the womb after his sperm fertilizes her egg. And when it comes to the “right to choose” the only one doing the choosing is the mother. Being a healthcare worker, I can agree that each individual has the right to make independent decisions regarding their health and well- being, However, in the case of pregnancy those rights change.

Once a woman becomes pregnant she is no longer breathing, eating, sleeping for her own survival but her baby’s as well. She must now make decisions based on what is best for the baby and herself. Her body has become a “home” for this growing miracle and she is to protect and nurture it. Secondly, it takes two to conceive a baby. Pregnancy is temporary, it is the beginning of a new life and once the child is born a father becomes a vital part of the child’s life. Fathers are often the influencers of abortion yet the pain and guilt a father feels after his child is killed in an abortion is not talked about enough. When a father wants to be a part of his child’s life, raising and nurturing him or her even when the mother doesn’t, why shouldn’t he have the protect his child? Of course, a father always holds the right to voice his opinion in wanting to care for his child. But there is no requirement for the mother to listen or even consider his case. Yet there is hope.

Currently there is a bill being proposed by Republican lawmakers in Tennessee that would let biological fathers petition to stop abortions. The male would have to prove they are the biological father of the unborn child but does not require them to provide DNA evidence. The state Senate bill was passed on second consideration and has now been referred to the Senate Judiciary Committee. It also passed first consideration in the state House. If passed the act will take effect on July 1, 2021.

If this takes effect, will other states follow Tennessee’s leadership? I hope so, fathers are vital components in their children’s life and men are vital in the pro-life movement. Men are often pushed out of the issue of abortion with others saying it is a “woman’s issue”. Even though it is their children and other’s innocent children unable to defend themselves they are trying to protect. It is not a place for weak men to take a stand. It takes leadership, confidence, and a drive to protect those that cannot protect themselves. Only the strong can do that.