It’s in God’s hands

Jaclyn HakeBlog

Getting mastitis is miserable. Getting mastitis a second time only a few weeks apart is even worse. But what made it almost unbearable was being very sick while hearing several newsbreak stories in favor of abortion over the pro-life movement.

I am a sensitive person. It hurts when I hear the statistics on abortion, the legislation being pushed to expand access to abortion, and how incredibly misguided are those who support it. When all of this happened while I was recovering for the second time with this dreaded illness, I was really almost at a breaking point.

So, I called my mom.

“Take your antibiotics and you’ll start to feel better soon.” Yes, true. (and I did after only two days!)

“And don’t worry about all the problems in the world, you’re not going to be able to fix them by yourself–it’s in God’s hands.” True but also misleading.

Too often do we give up because we tell ourselves “it’s in God’s hands”. Of course we should remain faithful in Him but throwing in the towel to sit back and allow God to do all the work is not the appropriate course of action. We are to be God’s faithful instruments. It doesn’t matter if we think we’re ready or not. He wouldn’t call us to action unless He knew we were capable.

In Proverbs 16:3 it states “Commit your work to the Lord and your plans will be established.” If you’re thinking of doing something to help save innocent preborn lives then I assure you if you commit to it, God will lead you. Are you going to be able to end abortion all by yourself? No, that’s unlikely. But through God’s plans you are sure to make an impact. Each time I write for Options United I pray that I may inspire at least one person. That may be all it takes to save an innocent life. Even if I only save one life through all my work then I believe it is worth it. Think of how many people one life can impact!

Before I started writing for Options United I wanted to be an advocate for the pro-life movement but I wasn’t sure how. I’ve always loved to write and consistently received plenty of praise throughout my education for the papers I wrote. Yet,I still did not have confidence in my writing abilities. In my opinion, I was not qualified. Too many talented people have this belief and they fail to share their gifts with others. This is unfortunate. No one is perfect in their ability but that doesn’t mean they’re not ready.

In the story of Isaiah, he knew he was a sinner. Yet, that did not stop him. He called out to God and declared “Here I am! Send me.” And if you’ve read the book of Isaiah you will easily understand why we don’t need to wait until we think we are ready in order to do great things. Have faith in God, He will guide you to use your abilities for His glory.

So yes, it is in God’s hands. His plans for you are in His hands—He’s just waiting for you to tell Him you’re ready!