Ariana’s Story

Jaclyn HakeSaves

“I had no regrets after my baby was born. I love it when he smiles his big, beautiful toothless smile. All I see is those cute gums! I can’t wait for Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas with him!” Ariana* went on and on about all of the adorable things her baby was doing. At the time of the call, her baby boy was 4 months old. She wasn’t always as excited about her baby. Her first call to Options United was much different, she was seeking an abortion.

Ariana* described the time during her first trimester as confusing and difficult. She knew her friends and family would be supportive but she knew ultimately her and her baby’s future was up to her. Low on confidence, she didn’t know if she would be able to overcome the challenges of being a mother. She is forever grateful for that first phone call to Options United. She realized she did not want to end her baby’s life because of her insecurities.

When talking about the relationship she had with Options United, Ariana* described it as “someone other than my friends and family that supported me. I was able to push through the negativity and replace it with love! And I’m so glad I did, he is so worth it! Your prayers and love, I am forever grateful for”

After delivery we continued to follow up with her. Ariana* suffered from postpartum depression. But with the support of our call responder and the pregnancy resource center we referred her to she was able to overcome this challenge as well.

Choosing to parent is not easy and there will be challenges. However, as Ariana* says it is so worth it! Choosing abortion and ending your baby’s life avoids those challenges but also deprives mothers of immense joy. We provide mothers with the tools and resources to overcome and chose life for their precious babies!