Brianna’s Story

Jaclyn HakeSaves

Brianna* already had an ultrasound when she called the Options United helpline. She was still considering an abortion because she did not believe her baby’s father wanted her to go through with her pregnancy.

Feeling alone and lost she was desperately seeking answers. An abortion seemed like an easy solution that would make her worries subside. She wouldn’t have to experience the newness of pregnancy. There wouldn’t be an uncomfortable conversation with her boyfriend. She could simply schedule an abortion and forget it ever happened. Brianna* was sure after this pregnancy scare she would be more careful next time.

Yet, she still still felt compelled to call in to Options United. This wasn’t a pregnancy scare for Brianna* this was an actual baby growing and thriving within her.

The call with Options United subsided her fears. She no longer wanted to be a victim to her own fears and she was ready to take control. Although pregnancy and motherhood would be a change, it wasn’t a bad change. She also realized she didn’t need the support of her boyfriend. There was support elsewhere and we were ready and capable to lead her to those resources.

During her follow up call it was learned that Brianna* did have the uncomfortable conversation with her boyfriend. He supported her decision to choose life! Together, they went to her second ultrasound. Their baby had
grown significantly since last time. Brianna* was so excited to see how much he was moving. She couldn’t feel his movements yet but it was beautiful to be able to see her baby again.

He second ultrasound was much different from her first. Instead of seeing her baby as an issue she took control of her fears and was able to see her baby as a miracle.