Finding your role model

Jaclyn HakeBlog

On September 18, 2020 Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg passed away from complications of cancer. She was hailed as champion for women’s rights and an impeccable role model for women and girls. She was a small woman with a ginormous impact. Her bravery, boldness, and dedication were truly remarkable. As a pro-life supporter, I had mixed feelings in regards to her passing.

Celebrating the success of other women

As women we should celebrate the success of other women. Ginsberg was a very successful woman, especially for her time. She shattered glass ceilings and did not hold back her educated opinions. Her most quoted words were “I dissent”. She accomplished all of these impossible goals while being a mother. It is unfortunate that such a strong woman did not believe other women could accomplish their goals while being a mother too. Her 2007 dissent to banning partial birth abortions demonstrated this belief.

Befriending those who hold different beliefs

She demonstrated kindness by befriending those that had different beliefs than herself, as seen in her friendship with Justice Scalia. This is a trait we should all strive for especially as pro-life supporters. I will admit that my pro-life values have cost me a few friendships. It’s unfortunate as well as a missed opportunity to demonstrate the caring and loving attitude many pro-life supporters possess. Even when someone vastly disagrees with some of your core values it is our duty to respond with grace. It may also be difficult to care for someone after they made the devastating decision of abortion. However, the tactic of calling women who choose abortion murderers is not helpful in changing minds on abortion. Rather, a loving approach makes her less likely to choose abortion if she were to face an unplanned pregnancy in the future. Some women who’ve made this tragic choice may have been coerced into believing abortion was not wrong as the abortion industry constantly pushes this false narrative.

Ruth Bader Ginsberg as a role model

Throughout her 27 years on the Supreme Court it is easy to see why many women regard her as a role model. She was a voice for women throughout the years doing more than just supporting abortion rights. Yet, she still was an extremely influential role in turning abortion into a right which is where I find her extremely flawed. Abortion is never okay. The rights of one person should never override another. Pregnancy is temporary and motherhood is optional. With more couples seeking adoption than babies are available it is completely okay to choose adoption if one does not truly believe they are ready to parent. Ginsberg, a champion for women’s rights did not consider the harm abortion causes. Abortion does not only take an innocent life but it also causes guilt and pain to the woman who chose to have one. Ginsberg’s support on abortion is why she is not a role model to me. I admire her many strong traits but that is where it ends.

Finding Role Models

There are many other women to be celebrated as role models that also believe in saving unborn lives. Mother Theresa, Abby Johnson (former Planned Parenthood director), Lila Rose (founder of Live Action), abortion survivors, and many more. I find role models within my own life. Like many other women, I have been blessed with the opportunity to be surrounded by strong women. My friends and family whether they are mothers are not, I am in constant awe in their strength. Find your role models in the ordinary women in your life because I bet they are actually quite extraordinary.