Hannah’s Story

Jaclyn HakeSaves

From the kindness of others Hannah’s* feelings about her pregnancy changed from nervousness to excitement. When she first called us at Options United, Hannah* wanted an abortion.

She didn’t have any support and wasn’t prepared to make the journey into motherhood alone. The call responder at Options United reassured her that there were people who cared about her and her unborn baby.

Hannah* went to her first prenatal appointment on a referral from Options United. She started the conversation by telling us how extremely kind and caring the nurses were during her visit. Then she excitedly told us that she’s going to be a mom!

Later in Hannah’s* pregnancy our call responder followed up with her. She explained how grateful she was for the concern and compassion given by those at Options United.

She also reported that since she was nearing the end of her pregnancy she was starting to prepare for the birth of her baby. She received a lot of baby supplies and gifts from others but her favorite gift was one from a nurse. It was a knitted baby hat. The hat represented all of the nervousness she experienced early in her pregnancy. It also represented the relief she felt as a result of the kindness she experienced from so many throughout her pregnancy.

Thanks to your support, Hannah* was able to find our helpline number. You helped save her innocent baby’s life!