Reclaiming Motherhood

Jaclyn HakeBlog

There’s an almost constant attack on motherhood from abortion providers. Abortion directly opposes motherhood so it’s no surprise it’s portrayed as a negative.

Celebrating life over death

Almost five years ago, the shout your abortion campaign was created as a way to normalize abortion and showcase it as empowering. Many mothers were confused as to how the loss of your child would be empowering or even celebrated?

Statements such as “no one should be forced to have a child against their will” are created to further the narrative that motherhood is a bad experience and you have no other choice but to bury the problem.

Planned Parenthood in particular has been known to use unverified statistics provided from their own research efforts as a way of twisting words and numbers to fulfill their mission of abortion. The coronavirus pandemic has further exasperated attacks on motherhood. With so many facing new fears and economic hardship it is easy to play on those emotions. Women are being told they are incapable and there’s nowhere to find help. This is simply untrue .

There is help for those in need

There are nonprofits in every state dedicated to helping and supporting women. Here at Options United we connect women with the resources they need to support themselves throughout pregnancy. We empower them to be the capable mothers they are able to become.

There are few mothers that are truly incapable of caring for their unborn child. But they have options! Options United also refers to adoption agencies. More couples than there are children available are waiting to become parents to a child that is very much wanted. If she’s not able to parent herself then how wonderful is it that she has the ability to give that precious gift to another?

How you can help

What can you do to help stop the attacks on motherhood? If you know a mother facing an unplanned pregnancy you can give her the Options United helpline. You can donate here. You can also continue to pray for the precious lives of the unborn.

We are in this together! Your prayers and donations are what helps us continue to save lives. We will continue to celebrate mothers and motherhood every day.