How to Move the Stars

Maria Belén EyheramonhoBlog

Recently, I attended a talk about our mission as women, and I’d like to share some thoughts about it with you.

Towards the end of the talk, the speaker cited a famous quote by Dante Alighieri: “…the Love that moves the sun and the others stars.” Upon hearing it, I reflected… Might we, as women, irradiate that love that moves the stars? I think we might!

With love we can do stunning things, that kind of things which might seem too little in appearance, but are in fact gorgeous because the love we put on them.

We can move the stars, I mean; we can become part of a movement of hope for others. With our presence in this world we can be a growth engine for passion and motivation.

Let’s cheer up others by using our feminine genius to uplift them! Let’s lively dance and sing bringing joy to others, offering a helping hand, always smiling! How much light can a smile pour on the darkness of someone’s day?

You might be thinking: “Well… It sounds nice, but I’m not that kind of bubbly person.” Maybe you can irradiate that love in a different way. We all have a mission to fulfill. Our femininity may also become a sign of wisdom and fortitude; the wisdom and fortitude which are able to listen, to counsel, to comfort, to forgive, and to move others stars…