Remembering the Gift of Sacrifice on Memorial Day


When Memorial Day approaches, most Americans tend to think of pool parties, barbecues, and enjoying the day off work. Those are all wonderful parts of our American culture – the joy in celebrating the occasions that make our country great. However, when I think of Memorial Day, one word comes to mind – sacrifice. The sacrifice of the soldiers who leave their homes to fight for our freedoms every day. The sacrifice of families who “hold down the fort” while their loved ones are away. The sacrifice of the men and women who never return home.

“The last hope of human liberty in this world rests on us. We ought, for so dear a stake, to sacrifice every attachment and every enmity.”

-Thomas Jefferson

This spirit of sacrifice is deeply ingrained in our American culture – an essential component of the American Dream. Sacrifice is also a defining characteristic of the One who saved us – Jesus Christ. Christianity is the only religion in which God reaches out to the people to save them, rather than the people trying to be “good enough” to reach God. To do this, God sent His Son as a faultless sacrificial lamb to die and free us from the chains of sin. Freedom requires the spilling of blood and is maintained by the pains of death.

Sacrifice, though not always to the point of death, is also a precious trait of the pro-life movement. I’ve never known a group of people more dedicated to helping and serving complete strangers, even in the face of persecution. I’ve been spit on, yelled at, wished rape upon. And I know those of you who are also involved in this ministry have experienced the same and worse.

Though pro-lifers have been called merely “pro-birth” or “anti-women,” they are some of the most selfless, compassionate, and dedicated people I know. They reach out to women in crisis, not just to save the baby, but to save these parents from themselves. I’m deeply encouraged by those who’ve chosen to abort in the past and use their time and effort now to help others avoid that mistake – to evade the mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual consequences of such a tragic decision.  It’s not easy to be honest about a mistake like that. This sacrifice of pride reaps beautiful results in the lives of vulnerable men and women considering ending their unborn child’s life.

So this Memorial Day, enjoy your time with friends and family, but don’t forget to take a moment to recognize the incredible gift of sacrifice. We have the freedom to fight the injustice of abortion because of Jesus Christ and the people He’s emboldened to continuously defend our freedoms. In that spirit, every day is Memorial Day.