Hollywood Actress Calls Out Fellow Actors for Their “Heartless” Position on Life

Thomas RudkinsNews

The pro-life movement is gaining traction thanks in large part to an increasing number of young people who are unabashedly and fearlessly taking a stand for life. 

That is a welcome sign of strength and vigor for our country in general and the pro-life movement in particular. 

Recently, the star of the new movie Unplanned took on 50 fellow Hollywood actors who opposed a law in Georgia protecting life of the unborn at the moment a heartbeat can be detected via ultrasound. Just a few years ago we would have never expected one Hollywood actress calling out her Hollywood peers for their over-the-top abortion views (read more here). 

Is this a sign that Hollywood is crumbling?  Not so fast!  Yet, the #MeToo movement (as flawed as it was) uncovered in Tinseltown fault lines bigger than the San Andreas fault.  The real harm that real people suffered will most certainly make some wonder “is there a better way?”. 

This media dust-up between the two actresses could be the sign of the future.  The dominant culture of the left must be challenged – that is a given.  Just as early spring blossoms indicate a change of seasons, the youth and vigor of a renewed pro-life movement give us hope that life-affirming views will take root in the entertainment industry. 

Hollywood Right – Hope Springs Eternal