Victory for Freedom of Speech in California

Thomas RudkinsNews

The state of California was ordered to pay pro-life groups for what the Supreme Court, in a 5-4 ruling, called “unjustified and unduly burdensome” law. Justice Clarence Thomas said in his majority opinion, “California cannot co-opt the licensed facilities to deliver its message for it.

Take note: traditional beliefs are still “ok”. Those who have traditional values – seen as the non-dominant culture compared to the current secular leftism, should take heart! We have truth on our side and we also have the rule of law. It is a reminder that working for this truth and the betterment of our country is an ever-present obligation.

True, the principles of this country are still strong strong enough to undo unjust laws. The bedrock of freedom of speech and freedom of religion enshrined in our Constitution are our safeguard. However, if we think no more work is required to keep them and that our values, choices and votes do not matter – we’d be sadly mistaken.

While rejoicing in justice, this same justice requires our work and attentiveness.