Micro-preemies give face to late-term abortions


One of the most shocking revelations from the New York law is the loosening of restrictions on late-term abortions. Abortions performed after 24 weeks when “necessary” to protect the patient’s health are now legal — the bill further neglects to define what health concerns would constitute necessity, leaving the door open for a late-term abortion for almost any excuse. 

Incredibly, children born at just 25 weeks are surviving outside of the womb. These children, called “micro-preemies” are on the very edge of viability but there are children born this early who grow up and thrive. Images of these children are a startling reminder that a fetus at 24 weeks inside the womb looks very much like an infant outside the womb. Read this incredible story about the journey to life of a micro-preemie. 
By bringing these images to the public, our campaign about ending late-term abortion is motivating people to action and changing hearts and minds.