Abortion Hurts


Abortion hurts. The laws in New York and Virginia and the abortion lobby in general avoids this simple truth: abortion hurts. 

A young woman named Isla* called Options United immediately after taking the first of the two-part abortion pill. She was despondent and terrified — she did not know what to do. The Options United responder calmly offered her referrals and the nearest abortion-pill reversal doctor but Isla declined. When Options Untied followed-up with her a week later, she had gone through with the abortion. 

Isla was in pain. She realized the enormity of the choice and felt isolated and beyond redemption. Options United refused to let Isla be alone — instead the responder talked to Isla about God’s redemptive, endless love and referred her to a local post-abortion healing group. 

During another follow-up call, Isla told Options United that if she had been able to talk to us before taking the abortion pill, she would have kept the baby. 

While Isla’s story is a sad one, she highlights the enormous need for greater awareness of the counseling and resources available through Options United. The more women we connect with, the more lives can be saved. God’s healing grace is extended to one and all.