While Opposing Fetal Heartbeat Law, Socialist Site Admits Abortion Hurts the Poor & ‘People of Color’

Thomas RudkinsNews

The pro-life movement advocates for all humans from conception until death.

The movement has also repeatedly pointed out that abortion more often hurts the poor and minorities.

Highlighting the push for Fetal Heartbeat legislation, a glaring but not surprising statistic was cited from opponents of said legislation: The Socialist Worker wrote that approval of heartbeat abortion legislation “would be devastating for working-class Ohioans.” Citing the pro-choice Guttmacher Institute, the Socialist Worker claimed “61 percent of abortion patients in Ohio were people of color, 75 percent were economically disadvantaged, and 59 percent already had one or more children.”

Get that: only 18% of the population of Ohio are “people of color” yet they account for 61 percent of all abortion patients.

This one topic should receive favorable coverage from both the left and right. It should not be a divider but it should unite America to defend fellow Americans – regardless of race or class. The wealthiest and fairest country in the world has time for the unborn, the poor, the defenseless. 

For this to happen, however, recognizing that human life begins at conception is a must. Options United supports Fetal Heartbeat legislation as a step in the right direction.