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Many of us have already seen this sad, disturbing video about a woman who has had an abortion meeting, and talking about it, with kids. If you haven’t already seen it, it is imbedded below.

The video is so uncomfortable it is difficult to sit through. The post-abortion woman, Amelia Bonow, compares the process to “a crappy dentist appointment” and describes the abortion as using a “straw” to “suck the pregnancy out.”

The kids mostly agree, some hesitantly, with Amelia’s blasé and frighteningly proud re-telling of her choice to abort her child. But when confronted with real conflict, Amelia barely pauses and launches into a rather tired re-iteration of “my body, my choice.”

The only push-back on her story comes from the young man in the bowtie who earnestly says that adoption, not abortion, is the alternative to most unwanted pregnancies.

Amelia, who is riding a wave of publicity and profiting off of the abortion industry with her new book “Shout Your Abortion,” refuses to even engage in the real opportunities present in choosing adoption. Instead, she laments being “forced to create life”.

Amelia has every right to say what she wants to say and to do whatever she wants with her body. But watching her belittle the life she was once “forced” to create, truly an act of such beauty and mystery that even with all our technological and scientific advances we do not truly know how a human soul is created, one is moved to pity her.

How sad it must be to be so removed from the things that make us human. For to be human is about creating life, being connected to others and living in relationship with one another.

Let’s show Amelia and others that we know the beauty in human relationships, in welcoming love into our lives. Let’s combat this flippant disregard for human life.

Post a photo of you with your children and the hashtag #ShoutYourAdoption.

We can show Amelia and others how much beauty, how much unexpected joy and love there is in adoption!