When Humanity is the Problem

Thomas RudkinsSaves

Philosophy means love for wisdom and knowledge. But what happens when our thought leaders at public institutions turn this inside out and the very thinkers who think are the problem? The downward spiral as evidenced in many corners of society are truly shocking and dark. Do you doubt we are witnessing cultural suicide? Here is an excerpt: “Humanity, then, is the source of devastation of the lives of conscious animals on a scale that is difficult to comprehend. … If this were all to the story there would be no tragedy. The elimination of the human species would be a good thing, full stop.”

Options United defends a healthy view of the world and thought, one that has humanity as the pinnacle of a created world. It is the only definition that can bring light to the mystery and, yes, sinfulness of our world. It is also why we fight to preserve human life at every waking hour. The article should be an invitation for you to become more involved with us. We need your help.