“Julie’s” Story


Pregnant with her third child, “Julie” called to receive information on abortions. She was scared and felt unable to have a third baby at the time. A staffer at the center encouraged her to first get an ultrasound of the baby before making any decisions. A few days later, the staffer followed up with “Julie” to see what she decided, and was pleasantly surprised to learn “Julie” gone into the pregnancy center!

“Julie” was moved by the kind staff and warm atmosphere of the clinic, which was unlike any other clinic she had visited in the past. After seeing the ultrasound and hearing her baby’s heartbeat, she chose life!

Her voice projected true happiness and the staffer shared with “Julie” that she and others had been praying for “Julie” and her baby since they received her first phone call. “Julie” asked that they continue to pray for her as she would now need it with three little ones!

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