“Jenny’s” Story


At age 27, “Jenny” was raising four children ages 3 to 7 with her husband when in January — to their surprise, because he’d been told he couldn’t father any more children — she learned she was pregnant.

Her husband also had just been laid off from a job and had lost his car. “In my mind, I was sure we shouldn’t have this baby,” recalls “Jenny.” “It seemed like too much to handle.”

But on the day she was to visit an abortion clinic, she waited two hours for a bus that never came. “That should have told me something,” she says with a wry smile. She ended up taking a cab to the clinic, and watching a video about the abortion procedure that made her cry. “Could I really do this?” she wondered.

Back home, she received a brochure that talked about life “as a gift … what God wants … how we are called to accept it,” she says. “That got me thinking more.”

She found help at Options United and soon found herself getting an ultrasound where she heard her in-the-womb baby’s heartbeat. She saw a picture of her unborn daughter.

And then she learned through the local pregnancy center that people she’d never met and may never meet were praying for her via the App for Life. A parishioner at St. Rose of Lima in Maywood, “Jenny” began reading Scriptural references to life and abortion. She has also received numerous, and welcome, calls from the center, just to see how she is doing.

She and her husband — who has since begun working two jobs to support his family — are determined to carry their child to term, joyfully so.

“Now,” says “Jenny,” “I know that God listens to prayer, and that people care.”

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