“Diane’s” Story


“Diane” contacted us seeking an abortion for her unexpected pregnancy, we immediately guided her to receive a referral where she learned importance of having an ultrasound before making this decision. We remained in contact with “Diane” throughout her pregnancy and were so pleased to hear that she went to Los Angeles Pregnancy Services where she received critical testing and information. There, she also underwent an ultrasound; after seeing her baby and hearing the heartbeat she decided to choose life!

“Diane” credits the centers’ encouraging staffs, and especially the doctor who treated her with nothing but kindness and respect. Her doctor was able to provide her with the vitamins and care she needed to ensure she had a healthy pregnancy and baby!

She loved that the centers’ never stopped encouraging her to keep her baby, and is grateful for all of the emotional support they provided her with. Even more exciting, just a few weeks ago “Diane’s” boyfriend asked her to marry him and she said yes! He let “Diane” know he wanted to have their baby the entire time and is so glad that she chose life. “Diane” cannot wait to bring her baby into the world, surrounded by all the love and support she has received.

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