“Anita’s” Story


“Anita,” a young pregnant mother, sat nervously, worrying about what she should do. Her boyfriend was not supportive of her pregnancy, she had lost her job, and her dreams of a career were melting away.

How could she have this baby alone? How could she support him alone?

“Anita” felt more conflicted than most women in her situation, because she wasn’t a few weeks along, she was a few months along. In a moment of despair, she began searching the Internet for a way out.

On a Sunday last year, “Anita” phoned Options United’s hotline where a responder offered her a referral to a local pregnancy center that partners with Options United. The following day, a discouraged “Anita” arrived at the pregnancy center, where she received a warm greeting.

“Anita” received assistance finding a maternity home to live in, so she would have peace, safety and emotional support. Staff at the local pregnancy center would help her find resources at the local college she attended, so she wouldn’t have to choose between her career and her baby.

Holding a fetal model of her unborn baby, “Anita” smiled. Feeling supported and encouraged, she chose life for her baby.

She took home some gifts for him, including a story book. “I want to read to him while he’s still in the womb!” she exclaimed with a joyful smile. She visited a pro-life doctor and saw once again the image of her beautiful child.

She shared the following:

“When I first called I was totally lost. I am so glad you answered my call because I was so confused about what to do. Coming to the pregnancy center was the best decision I ever made. Today I have my baby boy Moses. What a perfect name for him, because sometimes I think that I didn’t choose him. He chose me.”

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